The human body

So this morning I was at the gym watching the dancers on a music video and I was like, it is really incredible what the human body can do! It was especially incredible to me because my body in particular can do so little when it comes to flips and dancing and what not!

Then I was walking home, pretty proud that I was still able to walk after my workout, when I heard a really loud sound behind me. My first thought as I turned around was "dang motorcylces--so obnoxious!" then I realized the motorcycle was sliding on its side. Then the motorcycle slid right into the bike rider crossing the street, sending her airborne--she fell on her head. They both got up and walked to the sidewalk where I was. Think about this. She landed on her head. His leg was on the side of the motorcycle that was scraping against the ground. Granted, they didn't come away completely unscathed, but it was incredible how unscathed they were! The human body is so incredibly tough!

Probably the greatest part though about the human body, is the human inside. The two involved didn't scream at each other. They didn't point the finger of blame at each other. No, in fact they sat next to each other, concerned for each other's well being, both admitting their fault in not watching carefully.

Moral of the story:
1)no matter what limitations your physical body has; it is still incredibly miraculous.
2)there is still goodness in the world


  1. Susan I totally saw the aftermath with all the firetrucks and the ambulance. I thought the girl sitting on the ground filing out the incident report looked like you but I didn't get a close enough look. I'm so glad you're OK! If it had looked like you weren't I would have made my roommate stop, but I was already late to work.

    The Human Body is amazing and I'm so glad yours is in working condition!

  2. Whoa. That was an eye opener! I feel so sorry for those two people, but admire their strength. Yeah, the human body is awesome. That's the main reason we all came to earth... to get one! Satan and his followers are soooo jealous.