Speaking of mission calls...

So today I woke up on a cloud. I had looked forward to today, the day when I would be able to say "MY MISSION CALL COMES TOMORROW!!" And I did say it. Repeatedly. All. morning. long. Actually my friend and I had a little duet going. As we departed class today, we parted with joy knowing that the next time we saw each other we would have our long-awaited mission calls.

And then 12:17pm happened. My glee was quickly snuffed out by one simple statement: "The mail doesn't come tomorrow; it's Veterans' Day."

I mean who makes these decisions? How is the mail at ALL correlated with Veterans' Day? Don't get me wrong, my parents and many a grandparent are all veterans and I am thoroughly grateful for all the freedoms I enjoy because of the people fought for them. But seriously people, why give mailmen the day off? BYU students, NOR their traffic clerks get the day off. People need the mail. I mean what if the veterans want their mail?! I'm just saying, we should re-think this.

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  1. I approve of having Veteran's day off, even though I did not. Your parents are both veterans? I had no idea.

    I'm excited to find out where you go. I don't ordinarily read your blog, but I came here to find out why you hadn't posted anything on Facebook about your call. Now I know. The end.