Decidedly Undecided

I've come to terms with the fact that I will never be able to stick to a themed blog. It just won't happen. Life is far too random for that. Some days I want to blog about the random kid at the voting polls who shined his scanner in my eyes. Some days I want to blog about the new apartment my fiance just moved into and how I can't wait to move in with him. Some days I want to blog about how freaking amazing God is. Other days  want to rant about how dumb people are, in the kindest way possible of course.

So here it is, take it or leave it. This is my blog. I've felt prompted several times to blog consistently and I keep ignoring those prompting because whatever I have to say doesn't fit with my theme. Well this is me drop-kicking my theme out the nearest window. I'm going to blog, gosh-darn-it.

I will, however, add that I have a paper cut on my right hand from my high-risk job of filing papers all day.

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